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My Story

Denise DelPrincipe, MS RDN LD

Hi there! I’m Denise, a registered dietitian nutritionist, owner of ThoughtFull Nutrition, wife, and a mom of 2. I thoroughly enjoy eating and experimenting with foods, and I aim to encourage you to do so, too! Food can be played with! Mess is encouraged. 

After the birth of my first kiddo I transitioned from the traditional education I received about nutrition, the rigid, rule-laden style of nutrition, to an all encompassing, all foods fit style of nutrition. There I found the safety I needed to trust my body to provide for my changing seasons. You deserve this safety and support. 

My mission is to raise healthy and competent eaters. This can only be done without the labels we see in mainstream media put on food.

All foods fit, and until we are accepting of food there will be continued fear associated with certain foods. Food experimentation can give you the space you need to grow and accept food as nourishment. 

My mission is to break the eating disorder and/or diet cycle with you – to help you realize food peace is possible. You get to choose the food you eat.
What is food to you?

Food is:
connecting with your culture.
[your definition].

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Professional Bio

Denise’s alma mater is Texas Tech University, Wreck Em’!

There, Denise earned her Bachelors in Nutrition and Dietetics. She advanced to earn her Masters in Nutritional Sciences and complete her 1200 hour dietetic internship. Following this Denise sat for her registration exam and applied for licensure in Texas.

Denise has been a practicing Registered and Licensed Dietitian since 2014. She has worked in a multitude of areas before settling on building her business, ThoughtFull Nutrition, LLC. Her journey began at the West Texas VA and slowly transitioned, with her growing family, to more PRN positions with a clinical and corporate wellness focus until she landed on wanting to help people distance themselves from diet culture and heal eating disorders.   

At ThoughtFull Nutrition Denise guides those struggling with eating disorders or disordered eating and teaches Intutive Eating principles to guide you to create a space for grace in how you choose to nourish yourself. Sometimes certain foods are luxuries; we have to take time to assess accessibility and preference. 

ThoughtFull Nutrition is an ally to all bodies, genders, and races. You deserve healing and support. 

Join me in the non-diet approach to nutrition and health. Heal your nutrition journey and acknowledge your food fears today!