ThoughtFull Musings 3

Wondering about EDAW? I missed my opportunity to post this during the week, but it is always the week at the end of February into March. This year that was, February 26-March 2; we noticed EDAW (eating disorder awareness week). *If you find you are triggered by any of this post, please contact your trusted […]

ThoughtFull Musings

Hi there reader, Welcome! I’m glad you’re here to read these musings, rants, and navigation strategies. I’m Denise (She/her) and am excited to share, explore and walk with you as you read. I am a straight-sized, cis-gendered human, and I know our experiences are different, and I would like to attempt guiding you to open […]

Health: What is Healthy? Part 1

thoughtfull nutrition healthy

What do we need to be healthy, really? SURPRISE!! It’s NOT diets! Yay! Now, you can celebrate. You DON’T need to change your body. Wait, what?! Let me tell you more: Health is made up of multiple factors. It’s not all about the food you eat or the exercise you partake in. Actually, I believe […]

Why is it Healthy to Leave Dieting Behind?

healthy to leave dieting behind

Breaking Free of Diet Mentality Diets have kept people hindered for far too long, and they are rooted in thin privilege. More to come on that concept, but for now – The idea that thinner = healthier is old news. All bodies are good bodies. You have the right to not be on a diet. […]