healthy to leave dieting behind

Why is it Healthy to Leave Dieting Behind?

Breaking Free of Diet Mentality

Diets have kept people hindered for far too long, and they are rooted in thin privilege. More to come on that concept, but for now – The idea that thinner = healthier is old news. All bodies are good bodies. You have the right to not be on a diet. You also have the right to choose to diet. I totally understand the desire to choose dieting. Our culture, society, and doctors all say it’s good for us, so why isn’t it? Why is it healthy to leave dieting behind?Simple answer: No one except you knows your innermost needs. People can try to tell you how to act, what to say, what to eat, etc. The choice is yours to decide to listen “them” and act on that advise, or choose to listen to you and act on what brings your body the most joy, satisfaction, and nourishment.

Weight Loss = Healthy, Right?

Most often diets lead to short term weight loss (that the goal, right?), but what is happening long term? Long term you may find that you’re one of the 90+% who gain the weight back. This is a normal phenomenon. The body is biologically capable of helping you reach homeostasis. Diets don’t know what your homeostasis is. Diets main goal is to make you feel like you need to change your body into something smaller to be healthier and happier. You can check out this article by Dr. Lindo Bacon: We’re Wired to Maintain a Healthy Weight.

You can say “Thanks for your opinion, diet culture, but this is how I will do things.”

Telling diet culture “NO!” releases you of the control it has on you. By saying “Thanks for your opinion, diet culture, but this is how I do it.” gives you back the autonomy to determine what, whether, when, and how much you choose to eat.

“Is it healthy to leave dieting behind?”
“But if I don’t have someone telling me what I should eat, I’m afraid I’ll overeat.”

This is a very valid, and common concern. The question is WHY are you afraid you’ll overeat, and WHAT do you think will happen if you do?

What if you:

  • Gained trust in your body to tell you what to eat?
  • Allowed all foods so cravings diminished?
  • Were able to actually live life without worrying about food?
  • Learned to talk back to the inner critic keeping you stuck in diets?

How freeing would that feel? Can you imagine a life without worrying about your own or someone else’s critique on what you choose to eat?

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